Handmade knitted sand gold arm warmers
Handmade knitted sand gold arm warmers
Handmade knitted sand gold arm warmers
Handmade knitted sand gold arm warmers
Handmade knitted sand gold arm warmers

Eden Phoenix Sand Gold "Dragonfly" Arm Warmers

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"Phoenix" in the name of an item means it is wholly or partly made of recycled materials.

"I love scouting second hand stores for materials. Sometimes I'll find inspiring ready-to-knit skeins, sometimes a sweater made of fascinating yarn I then take apart and repurpose. Whatever it is, these items always teach me to look beyond what's apparent, and tune into the golden potential of what could be. Like the great phoenix bird rising from the ashes of its past stronger and more radiant, so too, for me these items celebrate the power of transformation. Every day is a new beginning. A chance to see things in a new light. A chance to make a change."

Inspired by the woods of Lothlórien.

These unique Eden Phoenix Sand Gold "Dragonfly" Arm Warmers are designed and handmade by Johanna. Woven with yarn 90% acrylic, 10% metallic polyester. Circumference: fingers 15-22cm, wrist 14-17.5cm, arm 22-29cm. Length: 25-29cm.

Hand wash max 30°C. To prolong the life of your item, wash only if necessary.

In Finnish:

"Phoenix" tuotteen nimessä tarkoittaa että tuote on joko kokonaan tai osittain valmistettu kierrätetyistä materiaaleista.

Nämä uniikit Eden Phoenix Sand Gold "Dragonfly" käden lämmittimet on suunnitellut ja neulonut Johanna Kurkela. Eden malli on saanut inspiraationsa Lothlórienin metsistä. Neulottu langalla joka on 90 % akrylliä, 10 % metallista polyesteria. Ympärysmitta sormet: 15-22 cm, ranne: 14-17,5 cm, käsivarsi: 22-29cm. Pituus 25-29cm.

Käsipesu 30°C:ssa. Pidentääksesi tuotteesi käyttöikää, pese vain tarvittaessa.

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